Monday, October 23, 2017

Tests: F-Ed & CW

Tuesday: Financial Ed (Or)
-test (short answer)
-study your notes & know textbook: p. 10, 12-13; 20-21

Wednesday (Gr)-Thursday (Or): Contemporary World
-finish notes about demographic characteristics of emerging & LDC's
-work on study questions (handout)
-know the landforms map

Tues. Oct. 31 (Or); Tues., Nov. 7 (Gr).
-format: 10 short answer questions (/35); map of physical features (/15)
-answer the review questions in point form; this will help you to study
-review questions are posted in google classroom

From a CIA "Demographic Trends" report:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CW Test & Finance Ed.


These questions provide a framework for test preparation. Answer them (in point form) using your notes, textbook and booklet. Refer to text pages: 4 (world map); 8-13 (left-right spectrum, economic systems); 152-153 (classification of countries); 23-25 (globalisation, mass media).

1. Label a blank world map: 7 continents, 4 major oceans, the countries from your booklet (including NK & Saudi Arabia). Print the map provided below; label it to study if you don't know it yet.
2. Complete this sentence: "An ideology is….
3. What does it mean to be politically, economically and socially "on the left," "on the right" or "in the centre"? Give an example to illustrate each.
4. List characteristics of a democracy and dictatorship. Provide a current example of each (not Canada or the U.S.A.).
5. Explain what is meant by the classifications of countries: developed, developing and least developed country. Provide current examples and characteristics for each.
6. What is the HDI? What is the GDP? Why or how are these used to classify countries?
7. Explain globalization by discussing characteristics.
8.What are the causes of globalization?
9. Discuss three ways that the global economy has been impacted by globalisation.
10. What is a "multinational" corporation? What does "outsourcing" mean? Why do MNCs outsource?
11. How are cultures affected by globalization?
12. What does the term "media" mean? What are the two functions (or roles) of media?
13. Are newspapers and the internet reliable sources of information? Discuss.
14. What challenges do journalists face?
15. Why is it important to question all that we see, read or hear through media sources?

Try: "What kind of consumer are you?"

Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome back!

It's your graduating year - yay, 2018! Hope it's awesome!

Contemporary World: Basics booklet 
-first tasks:
-map: follow instructions (pg. 1); watch this video about the South China Sea
-political spectrum: read the 20 statements (pg. 2); check off "strongly agree-to-strongly disagree"
-dictatorships: check out the video about Kim Jong Il and this video about Kim Jong Un
-classification of countries (p. 3-4). Take a look at: Better life index: Canada

Financial Ed: Introduction 
Try these few sample test questions: OECD Financial Literacy
Read article about changing consumer habits and another one here

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Economics: Test, Thurs. June 6

Final test: 60 marks
35% of term III
-16 multiple choice (2 marks each, 32 marks)
-start from Unit 3 (#3: Private enterprise; all of Unit 4)
-business organization, crown corporations, money supply, role of Bank of Canada, inflation (definitions, causes, consequences, measures, hyperinflation, deflation), CPI, government's economic role...

11 short answer (28 marks)
-definitions and explanations...

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ecological Footprint: Link & mind map

Your Eco-Footprint mind-map is due June 9 (or before). It is worth 15% of term 3. Our ONLY full class together is on May 29. This class will be devoted to review for your final test on Friday, June 2.  You must be in class for this exam, worth 30% (+/-) of term 3. Only a proper medical or legal note will excuse you from this exam; if none is forthcoming, your mark on the exam is 0%.

Global Footprint Network: use this link.  Also, read this blog post about eliminating "8 bits of plastic."

Task: Create a mind map
Include the following elements:
  • define the Ecological Footprint (centre of page)
  • causes of “Ecological Footprint” (there should be about 4-5)
  • countries'  EF: worst (5) and least (5) offending countries (their location, their Footprint size, and interesting, pertinent information, etc…). 
    • differences between developed countries’ footprint and LDC’s Footprint; reasons for this…
  • Reducing footprint: ways in which society, individuals can reduce the Footprint (organize into countries and individuals; provide about 5 each) 
  • Harmful Water consumption (ex. industries... or issues surrounding the water usage and the Footprint differ between Asia and Las Vegas

Each element can be developed in a different quadrant of your paper. Branch out logically; think of illustrations to add...

Watch this video: